Actionable Insights

With Automation, ML & AI


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In today’s competitive market, the ability to make data-driven decisions through actionable insights is a ‘must-have’.

Access to insights is no longer exclusive to ‘industry giants’.

Advancements in cloud, automation, machine learning and AI technologies make low cost, low friction, fast ROI insights available to all companies and departments.

At Contexti, we bring together the best data and analytics people, strategies, processes and products to deliver actionable insights.

This enables our customers to drive growth, innovate and compete.

Our insights ‘enablement’ and ‘as-a-service’ offerings, powered by, give our customers an unfair competitive advantage.

With 6+ Years & 100+ clients we have significant experience, expertise and IP in the design, build and support of data and analytics solutions that create value for businesses.

We bring actionable insights to your business in three ways


We help define the ‘why & what’ of critical insights for creating business value.


For companies or departments with analytics teams.

We provide enablement services and augment your teams.


For companies and departments without analytics teams.

We deliver insights as-a-service, powered by

In partnership with industry-leading technology companies