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Data Empowering Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

#1 – FASTER & SMARTER DECISIONS Digital transformation through Artificial Intelligence has led to more agile, productive and smarter businesses. Automation and machine learning are helping companies save time and money, personalise customer service and detect fraud while also improving work processes and expanding top-line growth. “Artificial Intelligence or AI, has become pervasive in business […]

How Big Data Is Changing The Customer Experience & Improving SEO

The most powerful driver of success is a great customer experience, and almost every organisation is placing this at the core of of their strategy. But in order to provide excellence at every touchpoint of the customer journey, businesses must utilise data in the best way possible to understand their customers. Digital innovation is accelerating […]

Cyber Security Strengthened By Big Data Analytics & Machine Learning

Information is the most valuable asset, which is why everyone is recognising the importance of data in business and the economy. But our heavy reliance on information to make decisions requires an understanding of how to protect it. With increasing data causing new cyber threats to surface daily, data practitioners who are utilising preventative technologies […]

Five Big Data Skills That Will Help You Get Ahead In The Tech Industry

“The IT labor market is still very hot. The candidate is very much in the driver’s seat,” Jason Hayman: Market Research Manager at TEKsystems. Businesses need confidence in their decision making process. Today, this means turning to the factual and reliable information derived from data. With many organisations looking to stay ahead of the competitive […]

August Insights On The Future of Big Data & Business Intelligence

Our reliance on data is growing, and the right alignment of IT and business objectives can help us find the answers we’re looking for. With the need to stay competitive by facilitating convenience and exceptional service to our customers, the importance of combining Big Data with business intelligence is a no-brainer.   BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE INCREASING […]

How To Make Big Data Work For Your Business In 6 Steps

“If you use bad quality data to make decisions, the insights will be meaningless.” – Florence La Carbona: Enterprise Data Manager at TAL. Good data is good for business. You can have a vast amount it, and the technical experts to analyse it, but that still doesn’t mean you’ll get the answers you need. Here’s […]

Hadoop Platforms Dominating The Market

“As a developer, understanding the Hadoop ecosystem can make you very valuable. Companies are leveraging it for more projects each day.” – Thomas Henson: Senior Software Engineer, Certified ScrumMaster & Technical Author at Pluralsight. Over the past decade, the world has seen the launch of a multitude of ambitious frameworks and solutions aimed at tackling […]

July Insights On Big Data & Business Transformation

It’s been a busy month in Big Data, and we’ve been deep in learning about what factors are driving the industry. We’ve translated our experience, research and insight into five key lessons. Here’s what we’ve learnt this month.   #1 – PLAN & TEST FIRST, INTEGRATE LATER “Big data has proven to be a valuable […]