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Hottest Trends Driving Big Data In 2017

How businesses are using data is evolving, and the rise of new technology is changing data-driven projects for the better. Here’s some of the hottest trends we’ve observed this year.   #1 – THE RISE OF CLOUD “Enterprise IT had been rapidly changing, and the Cloud is playing an ever-larger factor. Cloud technologies offer unprecedented […]

AI, IoT & Big Data Featured As Best-In-Show

It’s no secret that AI, IoT and Big Data are the three biggest technology trends, with more and more organisations responding to the challenges of innovation and relevance by integrating these technologies into their businesses. According to SD Times 100 Award Winners 2017, a few key players are dominating the market. Contexti is proud to announce that […]

Looking For A Career In Big Data Engineering? We’re Hiring At Contexti

Location: Sydney, Australia Big Data is changing the world, and adapting to an era of more data-driven decision making requires developing talent, processes and organisational muscle. With the rapid pace of innovation and growing demand for Big Data, the data engineering space has more opportunities than ever before. Contexti is a specialist Big Data Analytics […]

Rebounding From A Failed Venture & The Contexti Origin Story – An Interview With Sidney Minassian on Founder to Founder Podcast

Phil Hayes-St Clair, from Founder to Founder podcast recently interviewed Contexti – Big Data Analytics Founder & CEO Sidney Minassian about his entrepreneurial rollercoaster that started in 2000. Prior to launching his current venture Contexti, Sidney built a project management and workflow software company, Think Software, serving financial markets, construction and professional services industries. He […]

Contexti’s Big Data as-a-Service In The Cloud Just Got Better With Cloudera Altus!

We’re excited by the recent announcement of our partner Cloudera on the availability of Altus, which takes the deployment of data platforms and data pipelines in the cloud to the next level. “Leveraging AWS cloud and Cloudera Enterprise, Contexti has a track record of providing big data-as-a-service / big data platform services for Australian customers […]

How Kudu Enables Fast Analytics on Fast Data

From our partner, Cloudera’s website: Kudu is a columnar storage manager developed for the Hadoop platform that runs on commodity hardware, is horizontally scalable, and supports highly available operation. Kudu shares the common technical properties of Hadoop ecosystem applications and targets support for families of applications that are difficult  to implement on current generation Hadoop […]

Beyond The Clouds – Towards Frictionless Value Creation

With AWS Summit in Sydney just around the corner, I’m suggesting we should be aiming beyond the clouds and towards frictionless value creation. Whether you’re an enterprise customer consuming cloud services, an established AWS partner like Contexti, specialising in Big Data Analytics, or a startup thinking about leveraging Cloud, IoT, Artificial Intelligence or whatever tech […]