Data & Analytics Australian Recruitment Market Insights by FutureYou

With the launch of their data and analytics practice lead by Caroline McColl, FutureYou Executive Recruitment have produced an insightful report on the data and analytics recruitment market in Australia. This 3 page reports gives a great snapshot on:

  • Market Moves – who are the new Chief Data Officers, Heads of Analytics and Heads of Insights?
  • In Demand Skills – do you have what the market is looking for?
  • Industry Pain Points – key challenges in getting value from data – are you having the right conversations?
  • Candidate Spotlight – what’s the going salary rate, for which skills and industry experience?
  • Skills Testing – why would you get your candidates skills tested?
  • Top 5 Drivers for Career Advancement – What’s the ideal combination of skills across business, technology and data science that will advance your career in big data analytics?

FutureYou have kindly permitted Contexti to share this report with those interested. If you’re hiring or are seeking to get hired this report will provide some food for thought.

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