Data Science Workbench by Cloudera Ready for Prime Time

In a fast evolving ecosystem of tools and libraries, data scientists are finding it difficult to use their existing open source languages (e.g. Python, R) and libraries with Hadoop, and are striving to bridge the gaps between the language of the data scientist and the speak of distributed systems.

Contexti partner Cloudera have just announced the general availability of Data Science Workbench. This powerful, self-service tool allows people to accelerate data science from exploration to production using R,Python, Spark and more.

Data scientists now have the freedom to share, collaborate and manage their data in a way that best suits them, resulting in an easier and faster path to production that is is secure for the enterprise.

“We are entering the golden age of machine learning and it’s all about the data.”

– Charles Zedlewski, Senior Vice President of Products at Cloudera.


To find out more about the Data Science Workbench, visit our partner Cloudera’s site.