Rebounding From A Failed Venture & The Contexti Origin Story – An Interview With Sidney Minassian on Founder to Founder Podcast

Phil Hayes-St Clair, from Founder to Founder podcast recently interviewed Contexti – Big Data Analytics Founder & CEO Sidney Minassian about his entrepreneurial rollercoaster that started in 2000.

Prior to launching his current venture Contexti, Sidney built a project management and workflow software company, Think Software, serving financial markets, construction and professional services industries. He then moved to Silicon Valley, USA to launch his next venture, Liaise, a platform that used natural language processing of unstructured data in emails to improve personal and team productivity.

In this podcast, Sidney talks about:

  • Resilience
  • Learning from failure
  • The value of owning and accepting outcomes
  • The recovery process between ventures and how to reflect, recoup and rebuild
  • Why building a venture is all about people
  • Looking for scalable, repeatable business models
  • The Contexti origin story – positioning as a niche player in the emerging Big Data industry.


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