Strength in Partnerships

Contexti & Microsoft

Actionable Insights without the need for data science expertise.


Contexti is a Microsoft Partner, providing access to Microsoft’s Azure platform for data services and associated visualisation.

Our Microsoft partnership enables us to complete Azure licence transactions for all enterprises, including those with Enterprise Agreements and those using a standard Azure subscription model. A sole source provider, Contexti delivers convenience and accountability from infrastructure provisioning, through licence advice and purchase to ongoing managed services for Data Operations and Visualisation.


The Azure platform is a rich, ever-evolving, platform which Enterprises and Governments rely on to support a range of critical business activities across a distributed workforce, with the assurance of Tier One availability and security.

With the introduction of Azure’s ADLS (Azure Data Lake Service) to the Australian region, the Microsoft environment in Australia was ready for Contexti to partner. Contexti has expertise to support both project and managed services on the Azure platform to underpin data initiatives, as well as complementary skills in visualisation, including the use of PowerBI.


Contexti is a specialist data and analytics solutions company.

We bring together the best data and analytics people, strategies, processes and products to deliver actionable insights.

This enables our customers to drive growth, innovate and compete.

Trusted by over 100 Australian enterprises, our insights ‘enablement’ and ‘as-a-service’ offerings, powered by, give our customers an unfair competitive advantage.