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Cloudera Enterprise is the leading Hadoop data platform chosen by enterprises and governments around the world.

Contexti has substantial real-world experience across all major Hadoop technologies, so our decision to partner so closely with Cloudera is testament to its merit as a vendor.

Our partnership with Cloudera stretches across consulting and managed services, licence advice and sales, and is capped off with substantial experience delivering Cloudera training to the Australian market.  Contexti is recognised as highly competent experts across the breadth of Cloudera’s impressive software stack.

Feature-rich and with excellent support, Cloudera can be deployed wherever your data resides, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

Contexti’s experience with Cloudera has proven the performance of their cloud software as well as the high standard of their support organisation.  Cloudera builds quality software and supports it well.  It has, unsurprisingly, become the Hadoop distribution of choice for enterprise customers.

Ever-innovating, Cloudera remains at the forefront of big data analytics.  Customers Contexti supports with Cloudera deployments have realised value from their big data initiatives without the headaches that poor toolset choices introduce.  Data Science teams benefit from the choice to use a Cloudera Hadoop distribution and its associated toolsets, including the Cloudera Data Science Workbench.

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Snowflake offers an innovative cloud-based, super-scalable data warehousing platform.

Snowflake is built for the modern world, a cloud-native, with world class security and huge scalability baked-in from initial design.

Snowflake’s per second “pay only for what you use” billing model and a technical architecture that scales without any of the traditional data warehouse administrative burdens (such as capacity planning for storage, compute, indexing, partitioning, redundancy, dev/test/prod and security) enable businesses to assess Snowflake’s benefits and then pursue them in production without the usual technical or financial pain points.

Spin up and down in seconds, entirely avoid resource contention and service all stakeholders with the reporting power they need, even if they only need it briefly, only paying for the power of Snowflake’s compute infrastructure when you are putting it to work.

Contexti is an early partner of Snowflake in Australia and provides specialist expertise to help you design overall solutions that take advantage of Snowflake’s strengths within a solution architecture that meets your data and reporting needs, including architecture, ingestion, governance, security, lineage and privacy.

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Amazon Web Services is the market-leading innovator in the cloud software domain, providing a broad range of services to support data analytics solutions at whichever scale your organisation requires.

Contexti is a long term partner of AWS in Australia, leading the way in this country with cloud-based big data projects since 2012.

Amazon Web Services’ suite of tools to facilitate creating value from data is both immense and ever-changing.  Contexti has developed trusted understanding of AWS’ capabilities and is expert in recommending the right use of tools to fit your particular needs.

Amazon Web Services continues to expand its repertoire in infrastructure and software to support big data analytics.  Contexti is a trusted, independent expert to assist your organisation when determining how AWS can contribute to your efforts to create value from data.

Contexti provides a full service AWS offering, stemming from solution design through deployment, ongoing maintenance and support, keeping at the forefront of innovation in an ever-evolving cloud services environment.

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Talend, a leader in cloud integration, delivers the force multiplier needed for businesses to put more data to work, faster.

Talend’s integration platform, Talend Cloud, helps companies meet the demands of increasing data volumes, users and use cases. Talend liberates data from legacy infrastructure by embracing continuous innovation, disrupting data economics, enabling IT and the business to collaborate in the creation and use of trusted data.  Over 1,500 global enterprise customers have chosen Talend to put their data to work.

Contexti has performed a number of Talend deployments (Talend Cloud, Big Data, Data Preparation, Data Integration, Data Quality and Master Data Management) and also provides ongoing managed services for Talend users.  A long-term partner, Contexti is able to identify where Talend components are a good fit for your data solution, helping to drive digital transformations in your business.

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Anaconda Enterprise is designed to be an end-to-end platform for developing and deploying data science projects.

It offers centralised, browser-based, notebook collaboration with versioning and access control.

One-click deployment of self-service notebooks, interactive visualizations, machine learning models, REST APIs and other apps support Data Science teams across the globe.

Scalable on-premises or cloud-based deployment server with configurable cluster sizes

Integrated with enterprise-grade identity providers: LDAP, AD, SAML, Kerberos

At the forefront of big data analytics, Contexti established partnership with Anaconda in its early stages and is well informed about Anaconda’s current capabilities and future roadmap.  Speak with Contexti to gain insights on how Anaconda can benefit your Data Science team.

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Contexti is a Microsoft Partner, providing access to Microsoft’s Azure platform for data services and associated visualisation.

The Azure platform is a rich, ever-evolving, platform which Enterprises and Governments rely on to support a range of critical business activities across a distributed workforce, with the assurance of Tier One availability and security.

With the introduction of Azure’s ADLS (Azure Data Lake Service) to the Australian region, the Microsoft environment in Australia was ready for Contexti to partner.  Contexti has expertise to support both project and managed services on the Azure platform to underpin data initiatives, as well as complementary skills in visualisation, including the use of PowerBI.

Our Microsoft partnership enables us to complete Azure licence transactions for all enterprises, including those with Enterprise Agreements and those using a standard Azure subscription model.  A sole source provider, Contexti delivers convenience and accountability from infrastructure provisioning, through licence advice and purchase to ongoing managed services for Data Operations and Visualisation.

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StreamSets is a specialist DataOps technology provider.  Contexti is a specialist DataOps service provider.
It is no surprise that our businesses formed partnership early in StreamSets’ time in Australia!

StreamSet’s vision of DataOps is to empower enterprises to create continuous data movement architectures that iterate in response to changes to data sources, infrastructure and analytics requirements.

The StreamSets DataOps toolset enables continuous data movement that connects traditional and big data sources to analytics platforms and applications.  At its core is StreamSets Data Collector, an open source data movement engine with well over 1 million downloads.

On top of the Data Collector core are commercial products that enable collaborative design, deployment and runtime management of data movement architectures at enterprise scale.  In 2017, their customer base tripled.  StreamSets achieved status as a Gartner Cool Vendor in Data Management and, importantly, has received the Contexti seal of approval for quality and effectiveness in its product.

Contexti offers comprehensive StreamSets services – from solution design and licensing, through project and managed services across the whole lifecycle.

Building on our established reputation as top tier trainers in the data domain, Contexti has been recognised as Australia’s training services provider for StreamSets.

StreamSets’ local team and global management demonstrate sincere focus on customer benefit, as well as proficiency in their technical domain.  This aligns well with both Contexti’s corporate values and our emphasis on excellence as we help customers create value from data.

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