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Contexti solutions are built on
industry leading technology platforms

Cloudera Enterprise is the leading Hadoop big data platform chosen by enterprises and governments around the world.

Feature-rich and with excellent support, Cloudera can be deployed wherever your data resides, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

Here are some of the data-driven tasks you’ll be able to perform with more speed, efficiency, and accuracy:

Building real-time data pipelines
Meeting compliance guidelines
Developing and training data models
Reporting, exploring and self-servicing business intelligence
Delivering real-time insights for monitoring and detection
Streaming applications like Internet of Things (IoT)
Conducting accurate model scoring and serving

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Snowflake offers an innovative cloud-based, super-scalable data warehousing platform.

Snowflake is built for the modern world, a cloud-native, with world class security and huge scalability baked-in from initial design.

Snowflake’s per second “pay only for what you use” billing model and a technical architecture that scales without any of the traditional data warehouse administrative burdens (such as capacity planning for storage, compute, indexing, partitioning, redundancy, dev/test/prod and security) enable businesses to assess Snowflake’s benefits and then pursue them in production without the usual technical or financial pain points.

Spin up and down in seconds, entirely avoid resource contention and service all stakeholders with the reporting power they need, even if they only need it briefly, only paying for the power of Snowflake’s compute infrastructure when you are putting it to work.

Contexti is an early partner of Snowflake in Australia and provides specialist expertise to help you design overall solutions that take advantage of Snowflake’s strengths within a solution architecture that meets your data and reporting needs, including architecture, ingestion, governance, security, lineage and privacy.

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Amazon Web Services provides a broad range of services to support big data analytics solutions.

AWS provides access to flexible and low cost IT resources, enabling rapid scaling of big data solutions including data warehousing, clickstream analytics, fraud detection, recommendation engines, event-driven ETL, serverless computing, and internet-of-things processing.

With AWS you don’t need to make large upfront investments in time and money to build and maintain infrastructure. Instead, you can provision exactly the right type and size of resources you need to power big data analytics solutions and only pay for what you use.

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Talend simplifies and automates big data integration with graphical tools and wizards that generate native code. This means your team can start working with Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Spark Streaming and NoSQL databases today.

Talend Big Data Integration platform delivers high-scale, in-memory fast data processing, as part of the Talend Data Fabric solution, so your enterprise can turn more data into real-time decisions.

Blazing fast speed and scale with Spark and Hadoop
Let anyone access and cleanse big data while governing its use
Optimise big data performance in the cloud
Protect your investments with a future-proof architecture

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Empower your organization with Anaconda Enterprise, the end-to-end platform for developing and deploying data science projects.

Centralized, browser-based notebook collaboration with versioning and access control

One-click deployment of self-service notebooks, interactive visualizations, machine learning models, REST APIs and other apps

Scalable on-premises or cloud-based deployment server with configurable cluster sizes

Integrated with enterprise-grade identity providers: LDAP, AD, SAML, Kerberos

Control packages, versions and tools used by data scientists and analysts

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