Data & Analytics Solutions


Automation, machine learning & AI are fuelling the world’s fastest growing companies.

Whether you’re responding to disruption or leading with innovation …

The ability to make data-driven decisions through actionable insights is a ‘must-have’.

Access to insights is no longer exclusive to ‘industry giants’.

Advancements in cloud, automation, machine learning and AI technologies make low cost, low friction, fast ROI insights available to all companies and departments.


We give you an unfair competitive advantage with actionable insights. To achieve this we do many things, but broadly we …


We help define the ‘why & what’ of critical insights for creating business value.

We work with you to identify revenue and risk targets across business, technology and operations, and match metrics to your industry, functions and data sources.


For companies or departments with analytics teams.

We bring our expertise in the design, build and support of automated reliable data flows and analytics solutions in production and at scale. We address critical elements of your solution including:

– Data capture, quality, analysis & integration

– Security, encryption and compliance

– Cloud, data, machine learning & AI technologies


For companies and departments without analytics teams.

We deliver insights as-a-service, powered by is our data & analytics platform that combines best-in-class cloud, data, pipeline, machine learning & AI technologies


With 6+ years and 100+ clients, we have experience, expertise & IP to accelerate time to value. We do this by bringing together our …


Our teams comprise experts in commercial strategy, data engineering, cloud platform engineering, data science and insights – all aligned on enabling our customers to create value from data.


With experience across multiple use-cases, stakeholders, technologies and methods, we’ve translated key learnings into our IP, creating frameworks and processes for enabling data operations and delivering insights.


Contexti’s solutions give our customers speed and certainty in automating the capture, curation, activation and integration of data for decision making, growth and innovation.

In partnership with industry-leading technology companies

Autonomous Analytics with ML & AI